DEFICON 2024: Tokenization & Generative AI

MAY 23, 2024 9AM – 8PM | New York City

Join us for deep talks, discussions, networking, food and drinks and the latest in tokenization and generative AI

Speaker Organizations

Agenda (More Speakers Confirming Shortly)

TimeFormatSubjectSpeaker / Panelists
8:00AMCheck-In Opens
9:00TalkWelcomeDiana Doroftei, Head of Partnerships, Scifn
TalkToken Vetting: When do Fundamentals Matter?Tania Reif, CEO, Senda
TalkWhen Crypto Meets AIKelly Ye, Head of Research, Portfolio Manager
Decentral Park
TalkCiti Token ServicesRyan Rugg,
Head of Citi Token Service
TalkNobleJelena Djuric, Co-Founder, Noble
4:30Closing & Networking


Barclay’s Rise
43 W 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010

(Additional speakers confirming)


Professor Jamiel SheikhCEO,
Jamiel is founder & CEO of Scifn, a blockchain and AI services, education and products company, bestselling author, professor & educator, community builder, board member, event organizer, Forbes contributor, running media assets like and Currency Insider and products like Disburse, Instamint and Fnberry.

He founded the CBDC Think Tank which works with central banks and governments and runs AI NYC and Blockchain NYC, one of the largest communities in the world hosting events like DARC, DEFICON, AI+FIN and more. He has over 25 years of experience in technology, finance and capital markets. He is also an expert member of the UN Digital Currency Global Initiative and Digital Euro Association.

Jamiel is Innovation Fellow at Columbia Business School’s Lang Center for Entrepreneurship, holds an MBA from Columbia University’s Business School and BBA from Baruch College and is completing his second Masters in Artificial Intelligence from Georgia Institute of Technology.
Kelly YePortfolio Manager,
Decentral Park Capital
Kelly Ye is a portfolio manager and head of research at Decentral Park Capital, a liquid venture fund specializing in digital asset investments. She invests in both liquid and early-stage deals across various crypto sectors, employing a thesis-driven approach supported by in-depth fundamental and quantitative analysis. Prior to joining Decentral Park Capital, Kelly served as the Head of Product at Fidelity Digital Asset Management and as the Head of Research at CoinDesk Indices. In these roles, she played a pivotal role in the growth of the digital asset businesses at both companies.
Before venturing into the digital asset space, Ms. Ye accumulated 15 years of experience in traditional finance, focusing on research and product development across different asset classes. She led teams at esteemed institutions such as New York Life Investment, Goldman Sachs, GSAM, and BNP Paribas. Ms. Ye has received numerous industry accolades and awards since entering the financial services industry in 2008.
Ms. Ye holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from Peking University and a Master’s degree in Operations Research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Kelly is a CFA® charterholder and has served on the board of CFA New York and co-chaired the Women in ETF Speakers’ Bureau committee.
Jelena DjuricFounder,
Jelena Djuric is CEO & Co-Founder of Noble, a generic asset issuance blockchain at the intersection of compliant digital asset issuance, including Circle Financial’s U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC), and the burgeoning ecosystem of decentralized applications. She previously co-founded the Canadian Web3 Council, a leading national advocacy organization for the cryptocurrency and Web3 ecosystem. Prior to her work on Noble, she served as a core contributor to a number of blockchain protocols and businesses in the Cosmos, Dfinity/Internet Computer and Celo ecosystems.
Claudia RichouxCEO,
Claudia Richoux is the founder and CEO of Banyan, a decentralized file storage system built on top of the Filecoin network. Prior to starting Banyan, she was an engineer at Protocol Labs and worked on the Filecoin runtime as a developer. Claudia also spent time at Trail of Bits where she focused on cryptography auditing and zero-knowledge research. Claudia attended the University of Chicago where she studied Computer Science and Math before dropping out in 2021 to participate in DeFi Summer.

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