1. Location.

DC Summit will be held in the Jack Morton Auditorium at George Washington University. The address of the building is 805 21st Street NW, Washington DC (Google Maps). The front of the building looks like the below. The auditorium is located on the main floor and will be easily identifiable as soon as you enter.


2. Check In / ID

Directly in front of the auditorium is the registration desk. Please pick up your badge at this desk. Given that security will be very tight during the week due to the IMF / World Bank meetings, please be sure to have government issued ID on hand. Our staff will not request it but security, at their discretion, may. We have hired GWU police to be in attendance on premise. During the spring meetings, large sections of streets are closed off so please plan accordingly.

3. Arrival

If you are part of the host team, please arrive at the venue by 7AM.
If you are speaking or are a panelist, please arrive no later than 30 minutes before your session. We prefer you arrive much earlier to accommodate last minute schedule changes. Speakers and panelists will have reserved seating towards the front right (to your right when you enter) and green room. 

4. Presentations

The staff will handle A/V seamlessly, if you are a speaker you’ll just need to manage a clicker. If you’re a panelist, mics will be available at seats on stage. 

The auditorium is a TV studio and the staff will be managing transition between speakers behind the scenes. On stage, you will be introduced and at which point you can get on stage. When you go up to speak, your slides will automatically be loaded but you will control movement between slides. 

Please be at the front right side (“stage left”) of the stage 10 minutes before your speaking time

To manage the clicker: To move slide forward, click on the large green button. To move backwards, use the small red triangle

If you have not submitted your slides, please upload them here

5. Schedule

The public landing page shows the times you are scheduled to speak. The schedule may shift and we recommend you check the schedule 1-2 days before the event. At the venue, you will be assigned a speaker manager that will indicate to you 10 minutes before your scheduled talk to be prepared and position near the stage.

6. Dress Code

Dress code for the event is business or business casual

7. Floor Plans and Layout